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The first Shelby’s restaurant opened in London, Ontario in 2015. It was an instant hit. Five years later, Shelby’s has expanded to more than seven locations.

We’ve served our delicious shawarmas, falafels, and our infamous Shawarma Poutine to hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

We are on a mission to modernize the humble shawarma by being innovative with the flavours we use and to expand these unique flavours nationwide for all Canadians to experience!

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2,787 reviews
  • M Ali
    M Ali
    a year ago

    They have a very creative and appealing menu, which is the reason I keep going back. Their food tends to be quite inconsistent. Sometimes the meat is moist and other times it's completely dry with no flavour. If their food were more consistent, I would give it 5 stars. Edit: Things have improved considerably. They changed their fries - they are amazing!! Also, the menu is fantastic. Thank you Shelby's for always striving to be better.

  • Ruth-Anne Poli
    Ruth-Anne Poli
    a year ago

    Ordered lunch for the office and the food was amazing! Everyone loved it! Highly recommended - generous portions and incredible quality. Update: I just ordered lunch for the office again in October and the food was Outstanding! Thank you Shelby's! You're our favourite!

  • Rawda reyadh
    Rawda reyadh
    a year ago

    since the restaurant was sold the quality and quantity of the food has gone down drastically. Very disappointing!

  • Dave Blackwell
    Dave Blackwell
    a year ago

    Awesome, filling, fresh, hot, friendly staff.

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook
    in the last week

    I ordered a shawarma salad bowl with chicken today. At first I thought there was a chicken bone in my mouth, but it was a staple. Seriously. A staple in my food. Thankfully I didn't accidentally swallow it. Then I would have been calling a lawyer. I'll never order from you again and I will tell everyone I know not to as well.

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