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Rose Cupping Therapy

London, ON

Most of the sickness comes from Bad Circulation that affects organs and tissues {Arterial Insufficiency , Venous stasis and Lymphatic & Obstruction}, Cupping therapy addresses the cause of sickness and help it heal.

Cupping (Hijama) Benefits:

  1. Refreshment of blood circulation
  2. Removal of toxins from the body
  3. Refreshment of immunity
  4. Regulation of hormones
  5. Refreshment of the nervous system
  6. Helps increase levels of cortisone in blood
  7. Protects the body from harmful cholesterol levels
  8. Decreases levels of nicotine in smokers
  9. Refreshment of ovaries


1 – Menstrual disturbances
2 – Amenorrhea
3 – Increased electrical activity of the brain ( fits)
4 – Migraine
5- headaches
6 – Diabetes
7- Hypertension
8 – Chronic cough and lung diseases
9- Prostate diseases and sexual dysfunction
10 – Thyroid diseases
11 – Hepatic and gallbladder diseases
12 – Vascular stenosis and atherosclerosis
13 – Irritable bowel syndrome
14 – Gout
15 – Rheumatoid
16 – Neck and shoulder aches
17 – Backaches
18 – Sciatica
19 – Knee stiffness
20 – Rheumatism

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Google Reviews

85 reviews
  • rahmano 111
    rahmano 111
    a week ago

    I highly recommend coming to rose cupping, amazing atmosphere, with quality treatment. Dr Anwar does wonders, and listens to your problems, and accommodates his patients. Been coming for the past 2 years and experienced nothing but professionalism, and great service. Cupping definitely benefited me, and recommend to everyone.

  • Sam Sabir
    Sam Sabir
    in the last week

    I suffered from migraines for years. i have seen so many doctors with no good results. besides taking different medicines that affected other parts of my body. I finally found Rose Cupping where I did the wet cupping on top of the head, was pretty safe, clean and EFFECTIVE. I swear my migraines were gone as soon as they took those blood clots out of my head!!!!!! I felt alive again. so I haven't stopped revisiting once per 2 to 3 months just to make sure I stay this way. The person who performed cupping on me is very professional, SUPER clean environment and used a brand new equipment on me everytime I went. If you suffer from migraines for years like I did and you are reading this post. don't waste one more day of your life, give this a go and I promise you will be the next person to write a review wanting good for others as well.

  • Khalid Khalil
    Khalid Khalil
    3 weeks ago

    Went there after family and friends recommended it, I was pleasantly surprised with how clean and professional it was. That alone deserves 5 stars, after my session I felt like weight was lifted off my shoulders and the deserves bonus stars. Highly recommend!!

  • Edmond Bear
    Edmond Bear
    a month ago

    I have recommended this place to all my friends and they will all say the same thing. Every session is a great experience. Friendly and gentle. I Feel like a new human after each visit. If you have ANY type of pain please consider rose cupping. It’s a life changing experience for those who are suffering with any type of health issues. Rose cupping is my go-to place.

  • Susana Fadel
    Susana Fadel
    a month ago

    This practice is amazing! Wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Outstanding professional service. Highly recommended.

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